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Asset Management

WBI is a wealth technology firm that uses proprietary investment technology to deliver personalized solutions to clients since its founding in 1984. Recognizing that investors are averse to bear market losses, the firm has developed technology-driven investment strategies that optimize outcomes and aim to deliver consistent success in both good and bad market periods. 

WBI offers multiple investment strategies including Model Strategies, Separately Managed Accounts, and ETFs, to help investors achieve their financial goals with a range of investment options.

WBI offers a number of separately managed accounts (SMAs) that are managed by our proprietary investment technology and tailored to a variety of outcomes, providing investors with portfolios designed to meet their specific investment goals and objectives.

We deliver a wide range of SMAs as model strategies to third-party platforms such as Envestnet, SMArtX, and Fidelity.

WBI offers four ETFs that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, providing investors with a cost effective, tax-efficient, and flexible way to invest in a diverse range of securities designed to meet their specific investment goals and objectives. 

Custom Strategies

For accounts over $5 million, WBI can craft a Separately Managed Account strategy(s) to a client's specification. 

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