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Trend Switch US 1000 SMA

AI-Powered Investing

The strategy utilizes a global macro data-driven model to navigate market conditions, switching between 'risk-on' and 'risk-off' positions.

Risk On, Risk Off

Each week our model decides on a "risk on" or "risk off" signal. When the model signals "risk-on", conditions are favorable for high-risk investments. When it signals "risk-off", the model perceives increased market risk and reduces exposure to riskier assets.

Global Macro

Our advanced model considers a range of influential factors, including CPI, installment debt, PPI, yield curve, market momentum, earnings, monetary policy, market valuation, advisor sentiment, and market volume dynamics.

Long-Term Growth

This approach aims to maximize gains in favorable conditions and protect capital during market downturns, dynamically balancing risk and reward.

Machine Learning

Utilizing machine learning and historical data, the Trend Switch strategies analyze key market indicators to predict weekly market returns, thereby guiding dynamic risk management.

Less Risk

The model predicts upcoming market returns from recent data and historical patterns, enabling dynamic risk management and optimized performance in varying market conditions.

Cyborg PM

This strategy is systematically managed by advanced technology, utilizing machine learning in a fully automated process to predict market returns and optimize risk management, thus ensuring consistent, data-driven investment decisions.


Overall Rating

Ratings are as of 6/30/2023, based on risk-adjusted returns out of 362 Tactical Allocation Funds. Additional Disclosure

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