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Custom Portfolios

Our custom model portfolio building service allows financial advisors and institutions to create custom portfolios with the separately managed accounts, mutual funds, or ETFs offered at their respective institutions. By harnessing the power of CyborgTech's proprietary machine optimization engine, advisors can efficiently manage risk while delivering customized investment solutions tailored to their clients' unique needs and preferences.

CyborgTech's sophisticated optimization engine considers a wide range of financial instruments, including separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), to build portfolios specifically targeted for loss or return. This revolutionary technology allows you to diversify your investments while minimizing risk and maximizing potential returns.

What sets us apart?

1 / Unprecedented Customization

Our engine can construct portfolios from a broad or customized list of assets, giving you ultimate control over your investment strategy.

2 / Advanced Machine Optimization

By running millions of simulations, our machine optimization engine adapts and evolves to create the most effective set of portfolios to meet your desired risk and return levels.

3 / Industry Leader*

CyborgTech has been recognized by Fintech Breakthrough,, US FinTech Awards, and Finovate for our innovative approach to portfolio optimization, making us a trusted industry leader.

Portfolio Optimization Package

The Portfolio Optimization Package, a comprehensive and insightful reporting solution that consolidates essential portfolio metrics to deliver a clear and concise overview of your clients' investments. Our output package showcases the growth of investments, risk-adjusted returns, annualized returns, and calendar year returns, providing a thorough assessment of your clients' financial performance. By offering a complete picture of their portfolios, advisors can make informed decisions and provide clients with valuable insights into their investment journey.

The Portfolio Optimization Package goes beyond traditional reporting by including a detailed analysis of asset allocation, allowing advisors to understand the diversification and risk exposure of their clients' portfolios. This in-depth evaluation enables advisors to fine-tune asset allocation strategies to better align with clients' unique financial goals and risk tolerance. With our output package, advisors can offer enhanced portfolio management services, backed by data-driven insights and a comprehensive understanding of their clients' investments. Empower your clients with the knowledge they need to make confident financial decisions with the Portfolio Optimization Package.

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*Please note that consideration for these awards is not a guarantee of future performance. WBI Investments LLC and CyborgTech LLC submitted applications to each organization for review. Application fees were paid for the US Fintech Awards and Finvoate. WBI Investments LLC and CyborgTech LLC did not directly or indirectly compensate Industry Awards or Fintech Breakthrough Awards for any rankings and/or awards. The awards programs are conducted on an annual basis. The companies received the Fintech Breakthrough Award in March 2021, March 2022, and March 2023.  The companies were Finalists for the Industry Awards in June 2020 and June 2021, US FinTech Awards in April 2021, and Finovate in June 2022. For more information on the award categories and criteria, visit FinovateFinTech BreakthroughUS FinTech Awards, or

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