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Digital Onboarding

Step into the next era of financial advisor workflow with CyborgTech's innovative digital onboarding solution. Seamlessly transition from traditional paper systems to cutting-edge digital processes, designed to handle everything from investment management agreements to annuity program documents. Maximize efficiency, reduce errors, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Digital Transformation

Efficiently migrate documents like investment management agreements, custody documentation, and annuity programs documents to a digital platform.

CRM Integrations

Connect effortlessly with major AI-driven Client Relationship Management

systems, ensuring smooth and effective client interactions regardless of document complexity.

Unified Access Hub

With a single point of entry, reduce redundancies, streamline operations, and guarantee data accuracy across diverse document types.


Central Database

Our state-of-the-art database deftly manages logic across various form stacks and fields, guaranteeing uniformity and real-time compliance for all document types.

Schedule a Consultation

Connect with our specialists today to discover how we can fully transform your onboarding process into a NIGO-less, digital experience. Let us innovate the way you welcome new clients.

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