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CyborgTech Shortlisted for Wealth Tech of the Year by US FinTech

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Red Bank, NJ – August 18 2023 - CyborgTech, a leading technology firm, is thrilled to announce that its revolutionary Cy platform has been shortlisted for Wealth Tech of the Year at the celebrated US FinTech Awards. This esteemed recognition celebrates CyborgTech's innovative approach to wealth management, its dedication to client success, and its revolutionary technology that empowers financial advisors to deliver exceptional personalized investment solutions.

The Cy platform is an industry-disrupting wealth tech solution that combines the convenience and engagement of a robo-advisor with a more personalized approach and a broader range of machine-optimized investment options. Cy stands out among its peers, offering a unique profiling experience that enables clients to define personalized benchmarks, ensuring tailor-made investment strategies that align precisely with individual risk tolerance and return needs.

At the heart of Cy lies the proprietary CyborgTech machine optimization engine, a collaboration between WBI Investments, LLC and software affiliate CyborgTech, LLC. This cutting-edge technology leverages advanced algorithms to curate top-performing passive, active, and alternative managers from a vast universe of over 30,000 mutual funds, ETFs, and SMAs. The result is a suite of machine-optimized portfolios designed to maximize upside potential while targeting specific levels of loss.

Wealth Tech Platform

Cy is more than just a platform; it is a comprehensive solution that empowers financial advisors to simplify their investment process and create personalized strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of their clients. By integrating financial planning tools and advanced investment solutions, Cy allows advisors to streamline their operations, enabling more time to focus on delivering exceptional client service and building enduring relationships.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious nomination from the US Fintech Awards for 2023,” said Don Schreiber, Jr., CyborgTech’s Chief Visionary Officer. “This affirms Cy's powerful impact on the advisory business, and our standing as an industry leader.”

Adds Matt Schreiber, CEO of CyborgTech, “Our state-of-the-art financial technology elevates how advisors and institutions serve their clients. This nomination reflects our dedication to reshaping the future of wealth management.”

The US Fintech nomination follows a series of accolades for CyborgTech. In 2023, the Cy platform earned its 3rd straight Fintech Breakthrough Award for “Best Robo Advisory Platform”, while CyborgTech's machine optimization engine consistently receives accolades for its advanced capabilities and transformative impact on the fintech industry.

To learn more about Cy, visit, or contact Rick Kundracik, Director of WealthTech Solutions, at

About US FinTech

Created by FinTech Intel, source of the latest news and views from global fintech, the awards were developed to celebrate the premier financial services center and burgeoning financial technology market in the US, and the achievements and successes of the country’s best and brightest. The categories are designed to cover the full spectrum of fintech, and submissions are judged by an independent panel of experts. For more information on the award categories and judging process, click here: US Fintech Awards.

About CyborgTech

CyborgTech, LLC is a pioneer in advanced financial technology, providing state-of-the-art solutions to financial advisors, broker-dealers, banks, and other institutions worldwide. With its proprietary machine optimization engine and other innovative tools, CyborgTech is dedicated to transforming the fintech landscape and enabling financial professionals to deliver exceptional, customized investment solutions with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

About WBI

WBI Investments, LLC is a leading provider of investment management solutions, with a longstanding commitment to helping financial professionals optimize their clients' financial outcomes. By combining innovative technology, research-driven strategies, and exceptional service, WBI empowers advisors and institutions to create and maintain successful investment portfolios tailored to the unique needs and preferences of their clients. For more information visit

Consideration for these awards is not a guarantee of future performance. WBI Investments LLC and CyborgTech LLC submitted applications for review. An entry fee was paid for US Fintech, but there was no direct or indirect compensation to Fintech Breakthrough Awards for any rankings and/or awards. The awards programs are conducted on an annual basis. The companies received the US Fintech nomination in August 2023, and received the FinTech Breakthrough awards in March 2021, March 2022, and March 2023. For more information on the award categories and judging process, visit US Fintech Awards and FinTech Breakthrough.

Press Contact:

Ann Schreiber

President, CyborgTech LLC



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