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Harnessing Technology to Systematically Enhance Financial Advisory Value

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Recent research in the financial advisory field underscores that skilled advisors can contribute to their clients' portfolios beyond just generating higher returns. The true value comes from strategic planning, careful selection, consistent execution, and efficient management, all of which can be significantly enhanced by technology. Key areas of contribution include: 1. Financial Planning: This is the initial stage where the client's needs, financial situation, and objectives are mapped out. This process, while largely qualitative, establishes a roadmap for achieving goals. A part of this, asset location advice, can contribute around 50 basis points annually to the portfolio's value. 2. Asset Class Selection and Allocation: When advisors formulate a suitable portfolio aligning with the client's risk tolerance and goals. The diversified asset allocation can contribute 52 basis points of value each year over a market cycle. 3. Investment Selection: The advisor selects specific investments based on the established asset allocation. Strategies include using active managers who aim to generate excess returns and passive strategies that consider aspects like tracking error and cost-efficiency. Effective strategies can add 67 basis points and 61 basis points of value annually, respectively.

4. Systematic Rebalancing: Regular, disciplined rebalancing of the portfolio can mitigate risk and enhance returns. An optimal annual rebalancing can contribute 30 basis points of value annually as compared to less frequent rebalancing. 5. Tax Management: A focus on after-tax benefits is critical. Portfolio tracking and tax harvesting can add around 100 basis points of value annually. Effectively implementing these components can lead to an average annual increase in portfolio value of about 3%. Our Portfolios On Demand and Turnkey Platform, which are technology-driven, have been designed with features and functionality that can help advisors to capitalize on each of these areas. By leveraging the platform, advisors can more effectively generate value for their clients, further highlighting the multifaceted ways advisors contribute to portfolio growth. Sources: Morningstar, Envestnet, Vanguard

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